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"Call On Me" by Amanda Hagel out now!

Amanda Hagel, an Inspirational/Country music artist, has made it her mission to create music that uplifts, empowers, and inspires her listeners. Over the past decade, Amanda has gained both national and international recognition for her talents as a performer and songwriter. Growing up on a farm near Lancer in southwest Saskatchewan, Amanda’s upbringing was steeped in country living, fostering her deep appreciation for country music. Influenced by female country legends like Martina McBride, Patty Loveless, and Alison Krauss, Amanda developed her love for singing, playing guitar, and songwriting. Her musical family, being the youngest of nine siblings, also played a significant role, with music being a central part of family gatherings and events.

In addition to her country music roots, Amanda has embraced the title of an “Inspirational Artist.” This unique genre reflects her faith-based upbringing and personal spiritual journey, leading her to create music grounded in faith, authenticity, integrity, truth, and love. Amanda’s music is a heart-centered expression, conveying powerful messages that resonate deeply with her audience. Her commitment to following her heart, despite industry pressures to conform, has taken great courage and persistence. Beyond her music career, Amanda is also passionate about health and wellness. She works as a Personal Fitness Trainer and runs her own business, “A Team Training.”

This dual career brings balance to her life, helping her maintain her own health and well-being, which she believes is essential to bringing her best self into her music. Amanda’s experience as a fitness coach has taught her the importance of balance and groundedness in all aspects of life.

Amanda’s musical achievements are impressive. She was a national finalist in the 2015 Canadian CBC Searchlight Competition, won the Saskatchewan Country Music Association Country Gospel Album of the Year award in 2017, and was a finalist in the 2018 USA International Song Writing Competition for her song "Listen with Your Heart." In 2022, she received an honorable mention in the International Song Writing Competition for her song “Be the Light” and for “These Roots” in 2023. Amanda was also nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Spiritual Artist of the Year in 2022. Her 2023 single, “These Roots,” achieved significant success, with music video placements on and a live premiere on the U.S. National Network Heartland.

Amanda’s discography includes 12 singles released to country radio, 25 official music videos, and four albums. Her songs and their uplifting messages continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. Collaborating with Canadian award-winning producer Bart McKay, Amanda’s new single “Call on Me” delivers an incredibly uplifting message of strength, hope, and the power of the human spirit. Inspired during a moment of profound reflection and prayer, Amanda created “Call on Me” as a message from God to the world. The song speaks to the challenges we face and the truths revealed in moments of complete surrender. Amanda’s personal experiences with mental health have deepened her faith and given her the courage to deliver this powerful message, solidifying her role as an inspirational voice in the music industry.

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