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Blues and Roses - Brand New EP - CalledOut Music

CalledOut Music has solidified himself as one artist whose music brings hope to the hearts of many. His first project of the year ‘Blues and Roses,’ as poetic as it sounds, draws a balance between two contrasting elements. This release follows his third studio album, ‘My Beautiful Reality’, which has already garnered over 7 million streams.

With a fusion of pop, RnB, blues, drill, and a touch of highlife, CalledOut’s refined sound and style is clear. While some tracks are clearly bright and colourful, and others slow-paced - on some tracks he places emotive scale and chord progressions on happy lyrics, playing masterfully with the two prime emotions believers experience: joy and sadness; beauty and pain.

Sharing on his creative process, CalledOut says,

“I wanted to do something different. CalledOut Live In London really blessed me with the range. Although some of the songs on here sound like the usual CalledOut, this process was about me trying to push myself by writing things that challenge me. For example, I’ve never written anything like a UK drill pop-infused type sound before, that’s new to me. And on the first track, Melvillous came in with the heat! Some of the songs, like ‘Something Greater’ and ‘Worst Days,’ I hope pierces hearts and takes listeners to a place where they forget about themselves. The God we serve is diverse - I wanted to give people different sides to me. As a result, there’s something for everyone on here.”

Although he has announced that this may be his last project for a while, CalledOut Music aims to let listeners know that there is always a beautiful sunset at the end of every rainy day. Needless to say, this is a 5-track EP everyone ought to experience for themselves. This project is available from the 21st day of April 2023.

The artist is currently on tour and is to headline a concert in Dallas Texas this weekend. This would be his first headline concert in the city. Visit for more information.


1. Love Me Like Jesus ft Melvillous

2. Holding On

3. Take Over

4. Something Greater

5. Worst Days

Follow this link to listen

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