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Artist on the rise, Grace Tena releases new encapsulating single - 'Way Home'

Award-winning singer/songwriter Grace Tena is back with a new single - 'Way Home'. This single is one of hope, healing, and second chances - embodying Grace’s unique and expressive style. It speaks of God's commitment to drawing us back to Him.

In the artist's words,

“I had arrived at a place where I was questioning what I didn’t understand about the Lord and all my faith experiences. I reached a point where I was willing to walk away from it entirely. Fortunately, I was met with God’s willingness to help me find my way back to the truth that He is.

Irrespective of how far one has gone off from living in, believing in, and trusting God, He is willing to point us back to His truth and revelation. There is always an opportunity for redemption if we can be transparent and honest. That’s the message I wish to share with this track.“

Grace’s last single 'In Theory' caught the attention of UK gospel heavyweights for its unique richness, winning her the "Best Newcomer of the Year 2021" at the A Step Fwd Awards.

She hinted that 'Way Home' is the lead single off her upcoming EP to be released early next year. Needless to say, we cannot wait to hear this EP. For now, however, immerse yourself in the world of Grace Tena with ‘Way Home' here.

“Way Home” is released under The Oyo Group; produced by Michael Oyo; mixed by Adam Smith; mastered by Dave Studio B Mastering.

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