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Anu Omideyi, collaborates with producer Nicky Brown to break her own mould with Gospel Pop ballad

Award-winning Choir Director, Anu Omideyi, collaborates with legendary producer Nicky Brown to break her own mould in Gospel Pop ballad release

New single “Back To You” set for release on 26th February 2021

Anu is taking a slight detour from the several choirs she works with to release this single as a song for our current times. Breaking away from traditional choir or worship sounds, the contemporary sound of UK gospel is ever present in this track as producer extraordinaire Nicky Brown (Emeli Sandé, JP Cooper, Ellie Goulding to name a recent few) effortlessly fuses together Anu’s distinct tone with a laid-back RnB beat and warm pop, radio friendly music. Anu’s piercing lyrics combine with her warm vocals to hit the listener between the ears and squarely in the heart.

This song universally reflects our times of struggle everywhere in the world right now and provides hope. Images of fire, water and the wilderness come together to draw the listener through a journey that many will recognise. The lyrics and vocal will resonate with anybody who has struggled to understand where God is whilst they are enduring several seasons of hardship at once and openly addresses those difficult emotions. But it brings it all together with faith and hope that every traumatic experience or unanswered question finds its answer in God.

Anu is a seasoned worship leader and singer songwriter but is mostly known for her work with several choirs including multi award-winning and BBC Gospel Choir of the Year 2014 finalists, The Reapers Choir. She is currently producing an album for the Hillsborough Memorial Choir as part of the official final commemoration for the 1989 football stadium disaster.

Anu says:

“I was listening to an interview between Kirk Franklin and The Kingdom Choir when the melody and lyrics started to come to me as they were speaking. The discussion was about the need for greater honesty within Christian songs about what we’re really feeling and the song just poured out of me. I really hope people are encouraged by this to know that they’re not alone.”

Nicky Brown says:

“This is a song that drums up a lot of emotion and spiritual strength. It helps the listener to realise the power within. It was amazing how Anu was able to take the emotion of the subject and push it into a song which made it easier for me to hear where she was going with it because it was such a good song from the beginning.”

Ibe Giantkiller says:

“This is something spectacular from this creative individual.”

Of Anu’s previous EP “The Worship Must Go On”, Louder Than The Music says:

“From the opening track to the closing song this EP is full of power. When you press play, something special is happening on these songs. Firstly, the vocals are warm and beautiful, the lyrics hold nothing back, and you have the sense that the only aim here is to tell everyone how amazing God is. Secondly, the musicianship is nothing short of brilliant. This EP is so strong, musically, with plenty of quality. ”


Written and arranged by Anu Omideyi

Produced by Nicky Brown

Mastered by Drew Lavyne.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - @anuomideyi

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