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A HFP Easter Playlist!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

There are a few days that matter much to Christians, Easter being one of the most important.

It is one very significant celebration that reminds us of God's love for us - a love so great that it led to the death, burial and resurrection of God's precious son, Jesus. A happy celebration it is indeed for us all! This season, we have curated this playlist just for you.

The Cross - A Good Friday Reflection from Passion City Church

Written by Jason Dyba and narrated by Grant Partrick, this spoken word piece by the Passion City Church helps us reflect on the reality on the crucifixion. What the enemy meant for evil, turned out the be the most beautiful story yet. Bask in it!

Easter - Travis Greene feat. Todd Dulaney

A beautiful track from two amazing artists - Travis Greene and Todd Dulaney. They sing of the price that was paid on Calvary, and the freedom and victory we enjoy because of it.

Easter Project - The Spirituals

Depicting the gospel message, The Spirituals reimagine songs and enrich them by the good news story! 'The Resurrection'(the link below) is the last of the three medleys from this Easter Project. A beautiful project indeed.

No Greater Love - Marizu

Marizu sings about the love of the Father to offer up his Son for us and what it means for us as Christians.

Sunday Is Coming - Phil Wickham

'Friday's good cause Sunday is coming'

Empty Grave - Jubilee Worship feat. Anthony Brown

An oldie but a goodie, this song is one of celebration. The tomb is empty! He has overcome - Jesus is alive!

Oh The Cross - Circuit Rider Music feat. Lindy Cofer

Many things happened that day Jesus was crucified and Black Voices Movement sing about some of it in this single.

Thank You Jesus for the Blood (Live) - Charity Gayle

Let's just think a bit of what our lives would've looked like if not for that blood that was shed on that Cross. Then press play to that Him for the light he brought us into.

HFP Musiccity wishes you a Happy Easter indeed!

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