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Adrienne Bailon joins New Breed as Israel Houghton releases "Feels like Home Vol.1" album.

Feels Like Home was created out of the desire to give people an immersive worship experience. Not something to just watch or listen to, but to truly interact with and lean into in your daily life. The album starts with Alpha and Omega as a celebration of 20 years of New Breed, a song that represents so much of the groups hearts and their journey and 20 years later they sound better than ever.

Upon its grand release It immediately shot to number one on the Christian iTunes chart and the top ten of all genres.

Israel chimes in on the new record:

"I’m always amazed when people are ministered to buy the songs we write and record. Jesus at the centre of it all 🙌🏾 Sitting here thinking about what an incredible weekend it’s been with the release of the new @israelnewbreedlive album #FeelsLikeHome... & yes while I’m hearing its the #1 album & “Top Ten” for all genres on iTunes... & yes while it’s rewarding to see that a project we’ve poured our hearts into is having impact & reaching people with the Gospel (THE GOOD NEWS) - BUT & I repeat BUT - its not about ANY OF THOSE STATS!!! Today I’m singing Jesus at the center of it ALL & “Nothing else matters...” 🎶 so... while I’m grateful for your support... I’ve always preferred being a “worship leader” over being a “recording artist” - I always said I don’t want people to look at us - but, look THROUGH US & just see JESUS! Today, I just wanted to encourage you... wherever you are. Wherever you lead worship or in whatever you do! The success is in JESUS being at the center! Ok... I’m done"

This album is also a personal family affair with His wife Adrienne Bailon being the newest member of new breed and got to work on her first ever live album as an executive producer. She also lends her vocals in the alto section. Adrienne's father Freddie Bailon also sings on the album on "Coritos" with her sister Claudette Bailon.

Adrienne speaks on the opportunity to sing background.

"I will forever sing background, I'll take on that role with so much honour. Nothing brings me more joy than to sing background for my husband. I am so proud of my husband, shout out to everyone in the alto section. It has been my favourite album"

Israel continues:

“Though the entire landscape changed with how we do concerts and touring, we knew it was still very important to come together. I’m grateful for the sacrifices made by everyone on our team to carefully come together and participate in this offering. Truth be told, it’s one of the most rewarding worship experiences I’ve ever been a part of.”

The second volume is also out on April 2nd .

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