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A Step FWD presents - A February Vocal Masterclass with a spectacular line up.

The Songwriting Masterclass was a spectacular affair, and in like form, the Vocal Masterclass is set to be an unforgettable day of nuggets and gems that will not only inspire attendees but will also service their own vocal capabilities. So come join Masterclass speakers Priscilla Jones, Mark De-Lisser, Rob Cates, Collena Masuku, Lurine Cato, Philly Lopez, Christopher David Mitchell, Matthew Colthart, Michael Ojo and Olivia Williams on Saturday 27th February.

The Vocal Masterclass, which will take place online in a variety of formats, all designed to help attendees grow in their vocal capability, strength, and style. The experienced vocalists and practitioners will be sharing their wealth of insight and knowledge into expanding vocal ranges, conditioning a voice, finding and developing a vocal style and much more! The sessions will draw from their years of experience in vocal coaching, singing, and working with a huge range of talent, all with diverse and unique voices and vocal styles. This is an essential and valuable day for anyone interested in developing their vocals; for the seasoned and beginning singer alike!

All proceeds will go towards a great cause, Play it FWD, which is a fundraising campaign that seeks to increase the reach of UK gospel and contemporary music and media within both Christian and secular spaces. This campaign continues to further aStepFWD’s unique aim in highlighting the abundance of talent and the breadth and diversity of the music catalogue in the UK Christian Music scene. Having been established nearly 7 years ago, aStepFWD operates the only national independent UK Christian & Gospel music chart which features a wide variety of different genres. The monthly UK Christian Chart system has supported over 700 artists and processed 3000+ songs to date, and Play it FWD continues in that tradition of support: serving vocalists and rising talent from all across the UK. So what could be better? You get access to an incredible day, as well as supporting an awesome cause at the same time!

To get your access to the Vocal Masterclass, all you need to do is make a donation to the Play It FWD fundraising campaign on JustGiving, email us with the donation amount* and reference number to, and you will then receive your confirmation!.

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