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A Match Made in Heaven: Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye Tie The Knot!

Love has a way of bringing people together, and when two hearts beat to the rhythm of faith and music, something truly magical happens. Today, we celebrate the joyous union of Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye, the viral worship duo whose love story serves as a testament to the power of music, faith, and love.

The journey of love often begins with that one encounter, and although further details have not been shared as to how they met, we know that both artists had been using their musical gifts to touch the hearts of many before the release of their spontaneous worship videos that set the internet on fire.

It's safe to say that their shared devotion to God and their unwavering faith laid the foundation for a deep bond that blossomed into a profound love. You may recall their engagement announcement in March which both shocked fans and excited them. Their introduction followed shortly after.

Two months later, with the ushering in of June 2023, the couple exchanged vows in a series of ceremonies that reverberated with the spirit of worship and gratitude. They had an intimate court wedding on Thursday;

A colourful traditional wedding on Friday;

And a lavish church wedding on Saturday. They shared photos of the event with the caption “I introduce to you Mr & Mrs Okeleye ❤️”

They were surrounded by the love and support of their family, friends such as Moses Bliss, Victor Thompson, Dare Justified, P.Daniel Olawande, Moses Akoh, and many others.

They also acknowledged the divine guidance that had brought them together in a worship video which is now going viral in Christendom.

God's timing is truly perfect, He brings two souls together to create something beautiful. We at Musiccity wish them a lifetime of joy, blessings, and an unwavering commitment to sharing God's message with the world. We can't wait to see what this new journey brings.


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