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A Concert Of A Lifetime - CalledOut Live In London 2023 Highlights

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This year has been a great year for live events and CalledOut's Live In London is one for the books. This Saturday, 24th of March 2023 the award winning artist made history.

Being his second concert in London, United Kingdom, fans were excited to see what this night would bring. Doors were set to open at 5pm but thousands of fans arrived well before the set time.

At 5pm, guests were ushered in and the event kicked off.

With guest performances from the wonderful Annatoria, Canadian powerhouse Daphne Richardson and firebrand group The Spirituals; guests were at the edge of their seats by the time CalledOut Music was to be brought on stage. The thing with expectation is, it could go either way.

With an enthralling entrance, CalledOut Music came on stage and WOW, it was a performance like no other. The multifaceted artist showed different sides to him that many hadn't uncovered. With songs from his earlier days that got fans weeping and screaming, to bursts of tongues and random chills of excitement from hearing new releases live for the first time; the event will go down in history as one to remember.

Something about the artist that we have come to admire is his ability to step back for others to shine. Incorporating band members into the event, we saw performances from Michael Oyo of The Oyo Group, budding newcomer Rore. He also brought on longtime friends Limoblaze, Reach Records signee, and the Becca Folkes.

CalledOut Live in London was a love-filled atmosphere; so palpable that more than a few tears were shed by the artist himself. Comments are still rolling in about what a night it was.

We hear there are more events lined up for the year. Confirmed dates below. Catch his first ever live show at the New Covenant House, Dallas, United States on the 23rd of April. Early Bird Ticket sales end on the 13th of March. Get your ticket here - !

All concert photos by Darleene


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