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Moments: 8 year old Beau Eaton covers Guvna B's Cast Your Cares for Black Piano Diaries.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Passion, focus and talent are words we could find to describe this young lad. At the tender age of 8, Beau Eaton shares an uplifting cover of Guvna B's Anthem "Cast your cares”. The song originally released by London based 2x MOBO award winning, record-breaking rap artist, it became an anthem in 2108 and captivated audiences and press alike. Written by Guvna B, Matt Redman and Nick Herbert, the single was taken from his album 'Hands Are Made For Working'.

Guvna B weighs in on the youngsters cover below...

"This is definetely one of my favourite things anyones has ever done with one of my songs. Beau Eaton 8 Years old"

Perfect song of hope for these trying times ...

Produced by Black Piano Diaries, the musical home of singer-songwriters Chris & Abby Eaton. Chris & Abby love to share their own music on this channel, & also feature their industry friends & the latest in emerging artists. Videos consist of live music, both original and cover songs, VLOGS, Q&A videos, & much more. The couple live in the UK, working both from home but also in Nashville, Tennessee with son, Beau who features in videos from time to time!

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