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5 Ways To Promote Your Music On TikTok

As an artist, there's always the need to authentically communicate your ideas and music with different classes of people around the globe - and you can't talk about music promotion without mentioning TikTok. We previously shared reasons why you should add TikTok to your marketing plan. With all that potential gold waiting to be mined, how do you proceed? Here are some recommendations we have for you when it comes to promoting your music on TikTok.

Urge for the Surge

Ask your already existing followers to repost your music. They can make duets with your video where they RECORD a video side by side with your original post, where you sang.

Stitch for the Reach

TikTok also offers a wide range of editing features and one of them is 'Stitches' where a video can be edited into another video. But get this; as a musician looking to promote your music, one of the ways to do this effectively is by collaborating with other musicians and other sounds.

Challenge and Expand the Range

Now this is a big one, if you would like to get a wider spectrum beyond those who already know and love you, it is highly recommended to start a challenge. This would involve using a prominent aspect of your song as an inspiration for an activity. The most common option is when a musician inserts a dance and recommends these moves as the ‘official giration’ to their song.

Sound Check 1...2...check

All this is in addition to making your song or a remix of your song into what is called a Sound. With a sound, your music or a significant part of it could be used by influencers to buttress a message or just keep their followers entertained. It usually takes 5 seconds before it's being reused and TikTok shows the original sound which leads all curious minds back to you, dear talented musician.

Show show show (in Santa’s Voice)

Show portions of your work that aren’t on the official docket. Share behind the scenes, narrate how you got inspired to compose, what your drive to make music is, and get your story out there. Your music will seem more relatable when people are able to understand and connect deeply with the story behind the release. Let them know what inspires you and you too would have inspired them.

It would be an injustice to end this without adding that TikTok offers a way easier in-built feature for saving videos. Why is this important you ask? Because people are more likely to spread the word when they have a sample of it saved offline.

Sampling Examples

While you are out there looking for examples of promoted songs that got used as Sounds for TikTok which later got into more ears than would have with traditional marketing alone, feel free to have a look at Called Out Music’s Thank You Lord, Spirit of Prophecy’s Omo Baba, Bisimanuel’s You are the most High - Tungba, Marizu’s Looku Looku and a more recent sensation, Austin De Bull’s You Dey Whine Me.

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