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4 Ways To Support Your Favourite Artist.

Most of us were probably going through a life-changing event, good or bad, when we heard our favourite artist sing for the first time - there’s nothing quite like finding that one song that speaks directly to you.

You probably felt the need to check up on that artist: listen to more of their music, and follow them on socials to stay updated on new releases. Some songs are so good that you feel the need to show support to that artist that made such an impact in your life. That’s what we want to talk about today - four effective ways to show support to your favourite artist.

Interact with their posts on social media.

Another point is to double-tap and comment on their social media posts. As little as it seems, engagement generally boosts the algorithm's strength, pushing your artist's posts to others, hence the ”explore” feed on social media. An important point to note is that by commenting on the artist's posts, your encouraging comments could keep the artist going.

Tell a friend.

Finding an artist that you can relate to is good news, so spread the word! We can all count the number of times people have recommended music to us that ended up on replay for about a week or more. Birds of a feather flock together; if your friends in any way have a similar taste to yours, they'll love it and you both will have one more thing to bond over. (pro tip: Make sure you aren’t always streaming from your device to boost the algorithm strength and increase the ranking).

Share their tracks on your social media.

Another affordable option is to share their music on your social media. The devices in our hands give us access to doors we may not be able to knock on in reality, and houses we may not even have the address to. Making posts with a song from your favourite artist will help others enjoy what you've been enjoying. This may likely start a chain reaction - the first person listens and shares it with another person, who also re-shares it, thereby increasing streams. Be an influencer.

Financial support

Just in case you’ve done it all and it doesn't seem enough, you could support them financially. It may be as obvious as buying a ticket to see their performance or as little as buying their merchandise; maybe a shirt or a mug or even something as little as a wristband. Support of any kind means a lot more than you could imagine. On the plus side, we all can relate to the excitement that comes with our favorite artist coming to our city or a city near us. It will certainly be a moment worth experiencing.

Final thoughts

With how interwoven the gospel music industry is, we find that there's a need to support one another. It may not seem like it but our favorite artists are human beings who go through tough times; whether personal or professional. Gently helping them discover and remember how helpful their music has been to you and many others is the beauty of community.

We hope this read was helpful? Let us know.

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Nov 03, 2022

so good!

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