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2023 Christmas Songs that Celebrate the Reason for the Season - Update your Playlists with these!

Less than a week to go to Christmas 2023! As we usher in the long-awaited festivities, what better way to amplify the joy and warmth of the holiday season than with a curated selection of Christmas songs that resonate with the true reason for the season? From heartfelt lyrics to soulful and upbeat melodies, join us in unwrapping these 2023 musical gifts that promise to elevate your Christmas.

Now Behold The Lamb - Kirk Franklin, The Family

From the classic 'Christmas' album by Kirk Franklin and The Family, this choir-like track will take you right into the spirit of the season.

Manger Throne - Phil Wickham

More than a Christmas song, this is a worship song. Every Christmas season, when I take the time to think on it, I am amazed in a greater way of the moment when Creator stepped into creation. God in human flesh. Heaven walking on earth. Everything about how Jesus came was different than what we would have expected, and also far better. He met us right in our humanity. Our dirt. Our mess. That’s what my new song Manger Throne is all about.

- Phil Wickham

Heaven Sent (Gift) - RORE

RORE is a relatively new artist and this enchanting track captures the true essence of Christmas. It gracefully delivers the spirit of the season in a gift-like manner. The listening experience feels like unwrapping a beautifully wrapped gift - as much as you can't wait to see what it holds, you try as much as possible to cherish the experience.

He Shall Reign - CalledOut Music

CalledOut Music brings an upbeat traditional track infused with sounds from Eastern Nigeria, his place of origin. While the chorus pays homage to a popular Christmas song, CalledOut Music adds a unique twist. “He Shall Reign” brings flavor to the holiday season, combining traditional elements with festive lyrics. Known for his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences and deliver soul-stirring performances, CalledOut Music invites listeners to join him in celebrating the joyous season with 'He Shall Reign.'

The First Noel - Giveon

Still one of the less-recognized R&B vocalists in recent years, Giveon makes a comeback to usher in the holiday spirit. He does this by offering his rendition of a universally acclaimed Christmas classic, "The First Noel." Whether these seasonal tunes elicit a sigh or become your constant playlist long after the holidays, it's undeniable that the music adds a touch of joy to the festive season.

Every Christmas - Michael W. Smith

This nostalgia-inducing album includes 6 songs from his 2022 EP “Christmas At Home” woven together with 6 new songs. “I have never been shy about my love of Christmas and how many family traditions we have surrounding it. Being able to put out a full-length Christmas album featuring my family in some way on every song, is a dream come true. I hope this album is the soundtrack to many other family’s Christmas memories,” Smith says.

Hear Feel Play Christmas - CalledOut Music, Daphne Richardson, Marizu, Makpo

HFP (Hear Feel Play) Music is an independent record label situated in the United Kingdom. This EP featuring its very own artists, CalledOut Music, Marizu and Daphne Richardson; includes four Christmas singles that will awaken the listener’s holiday spirit. With their varying styles and genres, they paint vivid images of warm moments, while highlighting the reason for the season - Christ.

Like A Child - Blessing Offor

This year has undeniably been a remarkable one for Dove Award winner. Blessing Offor, In his latest release, Blessing Offor taps into the enchanting innocence of the holiday season. The song "Like A Child" is a melodic journey filled with vivid imagery and heartfelt nods to a more youthful perspective on festive occasions. Centered around the theme of embodying a childlike faith before God, the lyrics convey the notion that the Lord, our heavenly Father, encourages us to embrace qualities such as belief, humility, service, love, and tenderness, reminiscent of a child. Blessing conveys a message of innocence and hope, complemented by exquisite guitar work and harmonious vocals.

Because of Bethlehem - Matthew West

Inspired by a book written by Max Lucado, Matthew West highlights the true meaning of Christmas with new track 'Because of Bethlehem.' It serves as a reminder of the promise of God’s love by sending us His son, Jesus, and the bona fide reason for the season. “I’m so excited to share this new song for the holidays,” shares West. “This song was actually inspired by a book written by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado. I saw the title of the book, ‘Because of Bethlehem,’ and immediately thought, ‘that would be a great song title!’ Then it became my mission to write a song and surprise my friend Max with lyrics that would hopefully capture the same heartbeat of his book. The message is this: the hope of the world had humble beginnings. It’s because of Bethlehem and the birth of a savior that we can experience joy, love, peace, and even the hope of eternity.”

What Christmas Means to Me (O Holy Night) - Sanctus Real

In a harmonious celebration of the festive season, the renowned American Christian rock band Sanctus Real, graces listeners with their latest musical offering, a soul-stirring Christmas song titled "What Christmas Means to Me." The chorus, undoubtedly the heart of the song, resonates with a melodic grace that is both anthemic and intimate. It's a call to embrace the spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the bonds of family, the generosity of spirit, and the hope that the season represents. This new song marks the band’s first Christmas release in over 10 years. “We hope our Christmas song is a reminder of the real reason we celebrate,” the band shares on social media.

A very merry Christmas to you and yours!

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